Απόσυρση από την αγορά της ταξιδιωτικής ασφάλισης

Ποιο κάτω είναι η αναφορά της ασφαλιστικής για την διακοπή εργασιών ταξιδιωτικής ασφάλισης μαζί με γενικότερες οδηγίες του τι θα συμβεί στον κάθε πελάτη.

Following a strategic review of our international business, we have made the decision to exit the global travel insurance market.

This means that we will not be able to renew the Business Travel policies and their policy will come to an end at their renewal day


Important information


As per the standard terms and conditions of the policy, please be advised that:


·       Any premium that has already been paid is non-refundable after the commencement date of the insurance. However, we have decided to offer an ex-gratia refund to your client for any unused travel days which they would normally have been able to transfer to the following insurance period had their policy renewed.

·       As standard, the first 200 days purchased for the 2021/2022 insurance period and any travel days transferred from previous insurance periods are non-refundable. Once the 2021/2022 insurance period has ended, we will assess whether or not your client is eligible for any refund. If they are eligible for a refund, we will inform accordingly.


We do encourage your client to only buy travel days which they expect to use within the current valid insurance period.

To enable us to process any eligible refund, please kindly provide your client’s bank account information, as detailed below, within two months of their policy expiry date:


-          Name of the bank

-          Address of the bank

-          Name of the account holder

-          Address of the account holder

-          Account number/IBAN

-          SWIFT


If we do not receive the bank account information within this time, we will not be able to process this refund.


Your client will, of course, be able to continue to enjoy the same quality service and benefits up to and including the day their Business Travel policy ends.

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